Set Goals Not Resolutions in the New Year

Disclosure: The post was originally written in 2019 and post at DelBlogger blog.

Antionette Blake
2 min readJan 7, 2021

Happy New Year!

By the way, when should we stop using the greeting “Happy New Year”? I never knew if you stopped saying, “Happy New Year” after the first week of January or up until the end of the month.

Anywho, here we are, another new year, the year 2020, a year that may hold more significance than others, but not one that has made us more anxious than one other, 2000…remember the panic of Y2K?

The year 2020 has been touted as being one of major change, politics aside, but with much more significance even with the internet buzz about writing out the entire four digits, 2020 not just simply 20. You should use all 4 digits when writing the date on a check or other legal document so that it cannot be altered. This alteration will nullify and void that contract, for example a contract dated 01/01/20 can be altered and changed to 01/01/2018 or other backdated number.

However, with each new year there is something that never changes and that is making resolutions or setting goals. Personally, I haven’t made a resolution is over 20 years, however, I do set quarterly goals which I find to be much easier in staying focused and on track. Rather than setting resolutions for the entire year which we tend to forget and fail at, setting goals are more manageable and achievable. Which is why I set goals and not make resolutions in the new year.

These are my 5 top goals for the first quarter of 2019:

  1. Eat Cleaner — less meat and more fruits and veggies : I don’t diet or subscribe to Plant Based; vegan/vegetarian or Keto plans but I will be adding more fresh fruits and vegetables into my daily diet.
  2. Get more uninterrupted sleep — I will head to bed at a decent hour and try not to stay up late watching late night talk shows.
  3. Read more hard/soft cover books and less online posts — I am actually in the process of publishing my own paperback book on basic blogging tips.
  4. Reach out and talk live with family and friends more, less texting and online messaging — I will even put dates on my calendar and treat it as an appointment. Life is too short and tomorrow is not promised.
  5. Listen to more music and motivational Podcasts and watch less local news and television — no explanation needed, however, I think that if we include more positive messages into our daily lives it would keep us healthier both mentally, psychologically and physically.

What about you, do you set goals and not resolutions in the new year?



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