Antionette Blake
2 min readApr 28, 2021

Designing Podcast Cover Art

Let’s face it, first impressions are lasting impressions and your podcast cover art is the first thing potential new listeners see when they come across your show.

First impressions are important so you want to have a simple, yet eye-catching design that works as well at the size of a postage stamp as well as on a large desktop screen.

Also, please note that you need cover art in order to submit your podcast to the major directories and there’s no way around that.

Think of your cover art as your favorite album cover and to those of us who remember when we purchased an album from the record shop sometimes it was just for the cover so that we can hang it on the walls, but I digress and I am also showing my age!

However, no matter what topic or niche of your podcast, there are many others, literally millions of other shows to compete against, so you want your art to be unique and draw attention immediately — we have the attention span that is less of a goldfish!

So When people are scrolling through podcasts directly they are seeing different colors, shapes and fonts and you want to make yours different so it catches the eye of scrollers enough to want them to stop, click and listen!

Oh, and there is a difference between cover art and a logo. Your podcast logo is one part of your podcast brand just a small representation of your podcast and it can be used to identify your overall brand to be used on marketing materials and merchandise as well.

Head over to the Delaware Blogger Podcast to listen to the entire episodes to get more tips on designing Podcast Cover Art.



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